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Vitamin D Shots

Vitamin D shots and B12 injections at SANTÉ Aesthetics & Wellness in Portland, Oregon.What is a Vitamin D shot?


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that the body requires to maintain strong bones, regulate the immune system, and keep muscles functioning properly. It can be obtained through food sources such as fatty fish, egg yolks, and mushrooms, but many people do not get enough vitamin D through their diet alone. In these cases, vitamin D supplementation in the form of a shot may be recommended.

Vitamin D shots, also known as vitamin D3 injections, are a form of supplementation that provides a high dose of the nutrient in a single shot. They are usually given in the muscle and can be administered by a healthcare provider or self-administered at home with proper training.

Vitamin D shots are typically recommended for people who are at high risk of deficiency, such as those with limited sun exposure, dark skin, or conditions that affect the absorption of the nutrient. These include Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and obesity. They may also be recommended for people with osteoporosis, as vitamin D plays a crucial role in bone health.

It is important to note that while vitamin D shots can be effective in correcting a deficiency, they should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and regular sun exposure. Additionally, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider before starting a supplementation regimen, as taking too much vitamin D can lead to harmful side effects such as nausea, weakness, and kidney damage.

Vitamin D shots can be a useful form of supplementation for people at risk of deficiency, but it’s important to work with a healthcare provider to determine the right dosage and frequency of injections. A balanced diet and regular sun exposure are also important components of maintaining adequate vitamin D levels.

What are the benefits?

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining good health, and supplementing with vitamin D shots can bring a number of benefits. Some of the key benefits of vitamin D supplementation include:

STRONG BONES: Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, which is essential for maintaining strong bones and preventing conditions such as osteoporosis and fractures.

IMPROVED IMMUNE FUNCTION: Vitamin D has been shown to regulate the immune system and may help reduce the risk of infections and autoimmune diseases.

BETTER MUSCLE FUNCTION: Vitamin D is essential for muscle health and can help improve muscle strength and reduce the risk of falls in older adults.

REDUCED RISK OF CERTAIN CANCERS: Some studies have found that adequate vitamin D levels may be associated with a reduced risk of certain types of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

IMPROVED MOOD: Vitamin D has been linked to mental health and may help improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

REDUCED RISK OF TYPE 2 DIABETES: Some research has suggested that adequate vitamin D levels may be associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

It’s important to keep in mind that while vitamin D supplementation can bring many benefits, it should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet, regular sun exposure, and other lifestyle factors that contribute to good health. Schedule a consultation with one of our providers before starting a supplementation regimen to determine the right dose and frequency of injections.

SANTÉ provides a variety of medical services to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. At SANTÉ, patients can expect to receive high-quality care from experienced healthcare professionals. The organization’s staff is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health goals and providing the support they need to lead a healthy and active life. Whether it’s through vitamin D shots or other medical services, SANTÉ is committed to providing patients with the best possible care.

If you’re interested in vitamin D shot supplementation or any of the other services offered by SANTÉ, be sure to reach out for more information. With the guidance and support of a dedicated healthcare team, you can take the first step toward optimal health and wellness.


Vitamin D Injection: $40


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