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At SANTÉ Aesthetics and Wellness in Portland, OR, we offer three effective neuromodulators that relax the facial muscles to smooth expression lines.

Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau are injectables that treat static wrinkles that negatively impact your confidence in your appearance. With a quick, safe, and effective treatment, you can be on your way to line and wrinkle-free skin.

Neuromodulators: Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau

Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injectables that contain a purified protein called botulinum toxin type A. At SANTÉ Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer three popular injectables, and they work by relaxing facial muscles to smooth facial wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles form on the upper half of the face as a result of repetitive expressions and the aging process.

As your skin loses elasticity, it can no longer bounce back after repetitive expressions, and etched expression lines become visible on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and at the outer corners of the eyes. However, with the right wrinkle-relaxing injectable, we can smooth these lines and wrinkles and help you live wrinkle-free long-term.

Am I a Candidate?

Most patients qualify as candidates for one or more of these wrinkle-relaxing injectables. The first step is to schedule a consultation so we can meet you, learn more about your cosmetic goals, and ask you some questions about your medical history to determine if you are a good treatment candidate. Only then can we develop a treatment plan and schedule your appointment.

You may be a good treatment candidate if you are a healthy adult looking for a solution that can effectively treat dynamic wrinkles in one or multiple areas of your face. The best candidates have realistic expectations about the treatment outcome and are committed to scheduling follow-up treatments to maintain their results long-term. Those who are allergic to the ingredients in any of these injectables won’t qualify for treatment, nor will women who are currently pregnant or nursing.


Botox is a neuromodulator that contains a highly purified protein that treats cosmetic and medical concerns. This popular injectable is safe and has been through countless clinical studies, and is proven to be an effective option for reducing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles in men and women.

What It Treats

Botox primarily treats cosmetic concerns, specifically expression lines. We can inject it into the area at the outer corners of the eyes to smooth crow’s feet and between the brows to eliminate frown lines. We can also inject it into the forehead muscles to erase the forehead furrows and into the neck muscles to smooth neck wrinkles, also known as neck bands.

A Treatment for Medical Concerns

Botox also treats medical-related concerns. Injections into the specific muscles of the face can provide migraine relief for those who suffer from consistent or recurring migraines. We can also use this injectable to treat TMJ with precise injections into the jaw muscles to relax the area and alleviate the tension that is often the root cause of this pain.

It also is an effective solution for hyperhidrosis, the condition that causes excessive sweating, typically from the underarms. We can inject this neuromodulator into the underarms to block the sweat glands and reduce sweating.

What To Expect

When you schedule an appointment with this injectable, expect a quick treatment process because we can administer the necessary injections in approximately 10 minutes. Once your treatment is over, you can resume normal daily activities, but you should avoid strenuous activities, hot environments, and intense workouts for 24 hours.

You’ll notice results within a week of your treatment, and your results will continue to improve for 30 days post-treatment. Results typically last four months, after which follow-up treatment is necessary to maintain your results.


Dysport is a neuromodulator that treats frown lines between the brows. Frown lines affect men and women in different ways. For some, frown lines appear as a single, deep indentation; for others, they look more like the number 11 permanently etched into the skin.

If you have frown lines that are affecting your self-confidence, we can use Dysport to temporarily improve moderate to severe frown lines and help restore a youthful appearance in the area.

What To Expect

If you qualify as a treatment candidate for Dysport, we will inject this injectable into five areas around the eyebrows and in the forehead to administer the necessary number of units to adequately relax your muscles to smooth frown lines.

The treatment process takes 10 to 20 minutes, and you’ll notice results within two to three days post-treatment. Results can last up to five months based on how quickly your body processes and eliminates the active ingredients from your system.


Jeuveau is a prescription-only neuromodulator that temporarily improves the appearance of frown lines. Those with moderate to more severe frown lines can use this injectable to achieve wrinkle-free skin.

Like the other neuromodulators we offer, Jeuveau contains a highly purified form of botulinum toxin type A and human serum albumin. It can help you reach your anti-aging goals in a quick, virtually painless treatment process.

What To Expect

Once you undergo treatment with Jeuveau, you can expect to see results within two days of undergoing treatment. The best results are visible 30 days post-treatment, and results can last approximately five months or however long it takes for your body to process and metabolize the formula.

Invest in Wrinkle-Free Skin

These injectables are both prescriptive and preventative. They can treat your current expression lines and also help prevent them from becoming worse. If you’re ready to invest in your appearance and say goodbye to wrinkles, we can help you learn more about each of these neuromodulators and create a plan it’s right for you.

Or call (971) 407-3066 and our front desk will happily book your appointment with our fantastic staff.