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IV Nutrient Therapy


Our IV Nutrient Therapy treatment involves administering vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an IV drip. Unlike oral supplements, IV Nutrient Therapy allows for 100% absorption of the nutrients, making it a more effective way to deliver the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its best.

At SANTÉ Aesthetics & Wellness in Portland, we offer a wide range of IV Nutrient Therapy treatments to support a variety of health and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy levels, support your immune system, or improve your overall health, we have a treatment that’s right for you.

One of the biggest benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy is the immediate impact it can have on your health and wellness. By delivering essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, you can start to feel the benefits of the treatment right away. Whether you’re feeling run down and in need of a pick-me-up or simply looking to optimize your health and wellness, IV Nutrient Therapy can help.


IV Nutrient Therapy offerings


NAD+: This treatment is designed to activate the substances within the body called enzymes that help prevent and repair DNA damage. NAD IV treatment has been used as an adjunct for the treatment of autoimmune conditions like arthritis, and fibromyalgia to correct DNA damage and manage pain from these conditions. A short list of benefits that are believed to be produced by NAD+ IV Therapy:

    • Slowing of cognitive decline
    • Promoting healthy brain function
    • Increasing energy
    • Boosting metabolism
    • Regenerating cells
    • Slowing aging
    • Reducing internal inflammation*This must be booked by phone as labs are required.
      *This must be booked by phone as labs are required.


Modified Myers Cocktail:

Modified Myers Cocktail: This treatment is one of the most well-known nutrient IV therapies and was to designed to support your immune system, provide extra energy, address muscle pain, and provide nutrients.


Immune Boost:

Immune Boost: This treatment is designed to support your immune system and help you stay healthy and protected. It contains a blend of vitamins and minerals known to boost immunity and protect against illness.
*This must be booked by phone as labs are required.


At Santé Aesthetics & Wellness, we believe in the power of IV Nutrient Therapy to improve health and wellness. Our experienced and qualified professionals are dedicated to delivering safe and effective treatments that help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Consider IV Nutrient Therapy So if you’re looking to boost your energy levels, support your immune system, or simply optimize your overall health.


Due to the nature of IV Therapy appointments, appointments must be scheduled by phone. Please call us at (971) 407-3066 and our front desk will happily book your appointment with one of providers.

We are conveniently located in the Northwest Alphabet District of Portland in the Historic 210 Building and in close proximity to Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro, Milwaukee, and Vancouver, Washington.